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FEYNLAB® first distributed its revolutionary coating products as a private label for well-known coating brands, quickly establishing an outstanding reputation for durability, appearance, and protection.

To expand our vision FEYNLAB® now offers its state of the art nano technology surface care products directly to installers and the public. We have innovated, developed, and tested many surface care technologies which are now available exclusively through FEYNLAB®.

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FEYNLAB’s greatest strength is our industry-leading innovation. At FEYNLAB, we obsess about R&D efficiency and real world testing. This allows our products to move rapidly from development to customer availability.

Before any product release, we tirelessly test and retest each new formulation to ensure it passes our very high standards for durability, appearance, and protection performance. This philosophy of innovation sets the industry standard when it comes to nano coating consumer products.

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FEYNLAB® believes strongly in vertical integration. We go to great lengths to contain and control nearly every aspect of our production, from formulation to product shipping.

We drive this philosophy as far down the production chain as possible. Almost all of our materials arrive as raw commodities in simple 55 gallon drums. Unlike other producers, who outsource manufacturing, and nearly every FEYNLAB® product is produced in-house.

Utilizing over 100 carefully-selected raw materials, FEYNLAB® formulates our lineup of products. Controlling the manufacturing of chemicals and compounds allows the highest possible quality control for each product.

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FEYNLAB®’s complete control over all aspects of the manufacturing process puts us ahead of competitors in the nano coating and vehicle care industry. This strategy allows us to quickly release newly developed products while ensuring the highest quality standards.

We utilize automated filling machines for efficient, accurate, and controlled product bottling. Every bottle is manually inspected before tamper-proof sealing.

All products are carefully inspected again by our efficient in-house packaging and shipping department. This ensures quality, speed, and accuracy for every order placed.

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FEYNLAB’s™ company focus and namesake are rooted in the work of Richard Feynman who was the first to study the “very small” in order to record data and create “nano bots.”

This lead to the discovery that when materials are broken down to nano sized (very small) they can take on different physical and chemical properties compared to the bulk material.

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FEYNLAB’s™ Scientific Goal:

To push the boundaries of science through nano chemistry; expanding exploration and innovation through a deeper understanding of materials and their properties.

Through a particularly imaginative approach, proven with real world successes, vehicle surface nano technology has been greatly expanded and strengthened by John Suerth and implemented by an international team.

Feynlab’s formulations enable room temperature hand applications of ceramic nano coatings to protect automotive paint, marine & aviation surfaces, plastics, and metal finishes against atmospheric and environmental pollutants.

FEYNLAB’s nano coatings provide vehicle surface protection from UV, micro marring, oxidizing culprits and corrosive chemicals.

FEYNLAB™ coatings also exhibit extraordinary gloss.

A Range of Products for Diverse Needs

FEYNLAB™ DEVELOPS & manuFactures a family of products for enhancing and protecting Automotive, Marine, Aircraft, AND INDUSTRIAL finishes. These products allow vehicles and surfaces more: UV PROTECTION, chemical resistance, enhanced color, a glossier finish, simplicity of cleaning, And the ability to stay cleaner– longer.


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